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Lightning McQueen






May 24, 2023

Seal Bicolor

Anfissa & Linton



Say hello to our adorable McQueen! He is a charming little boy who loves being held and snuggled. He even licks your nose and tickles your cheeks with his little whiskers. McQueen loves all types of toys and feathers! He is fascinated with feathers and string! LOL! He can make a toy out of anything. Watching McQueen play around the house makes it crystal clear that he thinks the world is his playground, and we humans are his adoring audience. 

He spends most of his days playing until he is tuckered out, and then he will come running up to you, ready to purr himself to sleep in your lap. McQueen has the most expressive eyes we have ever seen! We call them Precious Moments eyes. Large, round, and full of expression.

McQueen adores being groomed; maybe it’s because he knows there will be a treat afterward, or perhaps it’s because he loves being touched!! You often hear him purring away with delight as you comb his hair. You can even hold the comb up, and he will brush up against it repeatedly! LOL

Please let us know if you have any questions about this darling baby boy or apply for him

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