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Welcome to Lapdolls a Ragdoll Cattery –
home of most loving Ragdolls cats & kittens

We are a small breeding Ragdoll cattery located in Vancouver, Washington a short distance away from Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. Lapdolls’ cats and kittens are registered with TICA and CFA. Our cats are members of our family, kittens grow surrounded by loving care and love. Ragdoll kittens are raised as part of the family around other cats, dogs, and children.

Our cattery offers beautiful traditional ragdoll kittens in seal and blue colors with bicolor and mitted patterns. We strive to produce Ragdoll cats with the deepest blue eyes, bunny-soft coats, and most loving dispositions. All of these are just as important in a family pet as they are in our show and breeding cats. Ragdoll kittens are curious, intelligent, and sociable. Ragdoll kittens are very loving and they become attached to all family members in the home. All our Ragdoll cats are DNA tested. Ragdoll kittens from our cattery come with a health guarantee.  If you are searching for a lap cat with a soft temperament or a superior show cat with an excellent pedigree, please check the Ragdoll kittens available page, Lapdolls Ragdoll Cattery has a kitten for you.

We have Ragdoll Kittens available in the USA

Take a look at our available lap kitten page and you will find a loving, beautiful kitten to fall in love with.

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