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Lapdolls Cattery news

What separates us from other ragdoll breeders? Why choose a breeder who show their cats off at Cat shows if you’re simply looking for a loving kitty?

Every breeder should stand behind the kittens they produce, so you want to ensure they are the healthiest and strongest kittens you can breed. A breeder who does not ever show their cats is not serious about breeding. Unless they show their cats occasionally, they can’t possibly know if they are breeding to the standard of the Ragdoll. It is very easy to get "cattery blindness" and not recognize that your cats are beginning to move away from the standards in looks, size, and temperament.

We show our kittens as a way of learning about the Ragdoll breed, networking with other breeders, and building their cattery’s reputation. Earning titles proves that our kittens meet the breeding standard, so your kitten will look like the breed you fell in love with. Finally, showing indicates that the breeder cares about improving the breed and finding quality lines to work with.

We went to our very first Tiger's cat show this weekend in Portland, OR. I met some wonderful people that I look forward to seeing again. The class of kittens, and specifically Ragdoll Kittens, was a very competitive class of 8 ragdoll kittens! As a bonus, Tiger got 11 finals out of 18 rings! I was so proud of him. Tiger is easy going cat to show, who is perfectly moderate in type all over, with a fabulous bunny coat, and expressive, large deep blue eyes. Above all, he has the personality true to what makes the ragdoll breed so special.

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