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Purchasing a kitten

If you are looking for a kitten with a soft temperament, excellent bloodline, fabulous body and face structure, beautiful eye color, and that is well socialized, you came to the right place!

Our kittens are growing in an atmosphere of love and trust under constant veterinary supervision. They are self-contained and use the cat tree and litter box. We feed only high-quality foods. We feed wet and dry food: Life's Abundance and human-grade meats. Kittens remain with us until approximately 12 -16 weeks when they are ready to go to their new forever homes.

Kittens can be reserved and deposits left at any time, the choice of kitten goes to those on our waitlist in order of deposits received. When requesting a specifically available kitten, deposits are required within 48 hours; otherwise, the kitten becomes available again. 

  • Prices are subject to change based on age and other factors.

Payment:  For a deposit, we accept Zelle; for final payment, Zelle and cash at pick-up.  

*We require a deposit to hold or put your name on the waiting list. $500.00 is non-refundable but is transferable to another kitten/cat available or toward a kitten in an upcoming litter. No kitten will be reserved until this deposit is received. Please make thoughtful decisions in the event of cancellation of a kitten deposit, which shall not be refunded.

Breeder retains the right to cancel and/or refund deposits or full payments at any time under any circumstances. Our right to choose a client. 

If you choose to be placed on our waiting list, PLEASE BE PATIENT with us as we are a small breeder, and it does take 4.5-5 months from breeding until kittens are ready to go home at approximately 12-16 weeks old.



Guarantee: The kitten is genetically guaranteed for 16 months. If the Kitten should die within these time limits from genetic diseases, the seller will replace the Kitten/Cat upon being provided an autopsy report by a licensed veterinarian.


The vet's first visit: Buyer has 72 hours from the delivery date to have the Cat/kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian at Buyer’s sole cost.


Returning a kitten: If, for any reason, the Buyer cannot keep the kitten/cat, the kitten/cat must be returned to Lapdolls Cattery. If the kitten/cat is ever returned or surrendered back to Lapdolls Cattery for any reason, except for a problem covered with a Health Guarantee, no refunds will be given to the Buyer.

Adoption Process


  • STEP ONE: Submit a Kitten Application


You must submit a kitten application to be considered for adoption. 

  • STEP TWO: Reserve Your Perfect Kitten

In order to reserve a kitten from our cattery, a signed Deposit/Waiting list Form and a $500 deposit is required. This deposit will be deducted from the final kitten cost. Deposits are non-refundable, but they can be transferred to future litters. The acceptable form of payment is Zelle. 

Copy Pet Agreement

  • STEP THREE: Prepare for Your New Kitten’s Arrival

Please be advised that we update pictures on our schedule as time allows. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the bi-weekly picture/video update on social media. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child learn and grow.  We do not take photographs/videos upon request.

Schedule a date and time to pick up the kitten. Make sure you are ready for the pick-up or delivery of your kitten. We do not offer shipping, so you must pick up your kitten at Vancouver, WA, PDX airport or hire a pet flight nanny to bring the kitten to you. 


Start getting all your kitten supplies ready for when your kitten comes home. Please check out the Supply page for information about caring for your kitten.


Book an appointment with a veterinarian. Start looking for a veterinarian to take your new kitten to for a health exam. Many veterinarians have busy schedules, so I suggest booking an appointment at least 10 days before your kitten’s go-home date, which is 14 weeks of age. A veterinarian must see your kitten within 72 hours of you taking possession of the kitten. 

  • STEP FOUR: Sign the Adoption Agreement

After you reserve and your kitten is selected, we will send an adoption contract to be electronically signed. This contract must be signed prior to the kitten’s go-home date. Please read our conditions of sale at the bottom of this page before you purchase a kitten.

  • STEP FIVE: Congratulations!

Congratulations on adding a new kitten to your family!​ Get ready for a playful little fluff ball that will bring you endless joy and love! Be sure to place your kitten in a bathroom or small area with its food, water, and litter box ready when they first arrive. A calm environment will help ease the kitten’s stress from traveling. Don’t forget to activate pet insurance.

Picking Up Kittens

When your kitten is ready to go to a new home the kitten must be picked up in person so there is a face-to-face transaction or the new owner must meet with us or our shipping agent at the agreed location. But I understand that not everyone is within easy driving distance of my home. In these cases where you may need to fly here to pick up your new baby, I will be happy to meet you at Portland International Airport  (PDX) to deliver the kitten.

Visiting Our Cattery

This day inviting people into our home can be dangerous so we limit visits as much as possible for several reasons. At Lapdolls Cattery you are entering a home, our home where we raise our children along with their Ragdoll pets and dog. Please keep in mind, we are home based breeders who raise our cats and kittens in our home with us. It would be very disruptive if people were coming in and out of our home just to look around, and would make us an "open to the public" business -- which we are not. But your interest and your visit too... In order to visit our cattery, you will have to fill out a Deposit form and have to pay the $500 deposit. There will be a $50 cattery non-refundable fee charge (which can be applied to your purchase).  If you want to see our home and our cats, we want to know who you are. 

  • as visitors, we ask you not to exceed 2 adults only

  • no children under 16 are allowed at Lapdolls Cattery under any circumstances due to safety considerations

  • no bathroom facility for visitors is available on the premises

  • we do not have Handicap accessibility

  • if you or any in your household is ill with an upper respiratory or communicable infection, please DO NOT visit our cattery

  • if you or any person with you has an accident, is scratched, or bit, we are not responsible; by coming to our cattery you accept the risk involved

  • we devote much of our attention to our cats and are happy to spend time with those that are interested in purchasing our kittens/cats but please keep in mind that we cannot have visitors stay more than 1 hour, it becomes very interruptive to our day. Our limit is three visitors in one day.



Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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