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Bubble Gum





September 22, 2023

Blue Bicolor Male



Meet our adorable Bubble Gum! Bubble Gum looks like his father, Grand Champion Dobrinya. He is a playful, curious little guy who loves exploring his surroundings. When he’s not running around chasing toys, he loves to curl up in a warm lap and take a nap. His soft fur is so fluffy and silky that you won’t resist petting him all day long (which he LOVES). Bubble Gum is also a great listener and will always comfort you when feeling down. He is at the top of our list as a Therapy Kitten.  He’s the perfect addition to any family who loves to snuggle and play. With his adorable face and sweet personality, you won’t resist falling in love with him.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this darling baby boy or apply for him

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