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September 22, 2023

Blue Mitted Male



Mikado is a Traditional Blue Mitted boy who has a beautiful blue eye color. He’s TICA registered with excellent bloodlines. This color is amazing and paired with the most loving personality you could ever dream of in life! Mikado bounces around in his own blissful little world, filled with such a cheerful personality that it is impossible not to smile when you see him! His positive energy is contagious! He has such a docile personality and no fear of anything or anyone! The world really is his playground. Just so you know, Mikado likes to be held and part of everything you do. He is not a loner and doesn’t enjoy being left in a room by himself. He loves children and other pets, so we hope his new family has at least one of these perks!! **LOL**

If you are looking for a highly social kitten who loves to spend his days playing and doing everything he can to make you smile, Mikado is, without a doubt, the one for you. Cuddle up to this cutie pie and apply for him below.

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