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Lapdolls Cattery news

We LOVE exciting show news and this is it!! Well.. What a packed weekend!!! Lapdolls Tiger finished up another successful show weekend on February 4-5, 2023 in Portland, Oregon.

Getting a new cat, what supplies do I need to have for it before I bring it home?

Getting a new cat or kitten is very exciting, but it's important to make sure you are prepared for your new family member before the day you bring them home. This makes for a far less stressful transition for the cat or kitten and your family as well.
First, you need to consider what area in the house you will have your new cat or kitten spend their first few days. It's usually a good idea to keep them in a single room, to begin with, so they have time to adjust to the new surroundings (especially if you have other animals). The best room for this is a bathroom, as it is small and does not provide many places for them to hide should they feel afraid at the beginning. We recommend the kitten stay in the bathroom before opening the door and allowing them to explore the rest of the house.
You will need a litter pan, food bowl, and water bowl for the new cat. The litter pan should be made of plastic. Our kittens are trained to use an automatic cleaning litter box and hooded litter box. Additionally, each week, the litter pan should be sanitized with a bleach cleaner.
The food and water bowls ideally should be glass or ceramic, as this is a non-porous material that is easy to clean and doesn't allow for bacterial growth. Refill each day with clean water. The food bowl should only have about a half cup of food in it at any given time. If you notice that the food bowl is full of crumbs, dump those out and refill with fresh food. The food bowl should be washed about once a week.
The type of dry food we currently use is Life’s Abundance. This food actually has a better ingredient list and nutritional breakdown. It is formulated with a unique Digestive Health Support System, including active probiotics, healthy fiber, and digestive enzymes.
Additionally, for longhair cats, you will need some grooming supplies. In order to prevent excessive shedding, matting, and hairballs, you will need to brush your ragdoll’s fur. We recommend brushing out your kitty's hair once per week using a wide-toothed steel comb and slicker brush paying close attention to underarms, behind ears, and their neck ruff as these tend to be the most common areas for mats to form. We have begun the grooming rituals early with our kittens, many very much enjoy this time and purr or kiss throughout their grooming. If the fur is matted, be very gentle when brushing. If your kitty does get mats you can clear the mats a little every day, just use steel, wide-toothed comb and separate the hair little by little.
Cat furniture is highly recommended. Our kittens use this furniture for sleeping, playing, and mostly scratching on. They already are trained that this is where the fun and scratching should mainly be done. If you do not have the proper cat furniture for your kitten when it comes home, it will feel insecure and will be looking for a substitute for playing and scratching. They also need a place to climb up and down. Many cat owners don’t realize that cats like to be up in high places. If you provide your kitten with this, it is easier to train them to stay off your kitchen tables and counters. It is a natural instinct for the cats to find the highest spot possible to look down on everything. Make it fun and easy for them.
Kittens and cats really enjoy the cardboard scratching pads. They are not only beautiful but very useful and can save your furniture.
Toys. A kitten is naturally curious and needs toys that are safe and fun to play with. Choose toys made especially for cats—ones that cannot be splintered or swallowed.
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