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Pregnancy is like a box of assorted chocolates - you never know what you're going to get

Breeders need to attend cat shows to keep updating our Breeding Standard, and present how our work on breeding. Lapdolls Cattery is pleased to announce the show result for show season 2018-2019

International TICA Show Portland, OR January 26-27, 2019

What a fabulous Show!
Lapdolls Abby
Best Ragdoll Kitten - Monika Dany
8th Best Allbreed Kitten - Monica Dany
Best Ragdoll Kitten - Angela Sherer
5th Best Longhair Kitten - Angela Sherer

Lapdolls Abby had her first show at 4 months old. She was very relaxed and really enjoyed herself between naps!

TICA Show Chehalis, WA December 8-9, 2019
Best Ragdoll Kitten 3rd Best Longhaired kitten - Michael Hammond 5th Best Longhaired kitten – Ann Charlotte Joseph


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